"On-grid" essentials

We do not offer wi-fi within our accommodation - in fact, we don't even make use of wi-fi technology in our own home, preferring old-fashioned LAN cabling, for both performance and health reasons. Most of our guests love the sense of switching off and reconnecting to nature and each other. However, we do understand that when going away, there are times when one needs some form of connectivity, whether for work or personal reasons. 

It is for this reason that we do provide a space for all those on-grid essentials. Situated next to our home, less than five minutes' walk from either of the units, it is a room in which you can:

  1. Plug your laptop into the internet via a LAN point (Apple Macs will need an adaptor);
  2. Charge all your electronics (camera, phones, computers, spotlights for night-time climbing, etc); and
  3. Freeze items that you are unable to fit into the refridgerator in your unit (e.g. extra ice or meat, etc).

NOTE: The Agter Pakhuis Valley also has full mobile connectivity, including data connectivity, but ONLY on the MTN network. Thus, an additional option for connectivity is simply to obtain an MTN SIM card before you arrive, and load some airtime and data onto it.