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Buchu (Agathosma betulina)

The intense, sharply-sweet, citrus-camphor smell of buchu is unique to itself and never fails to evoke a strong reaction; never indifference. Many people hate the smell, showing strong emotional antipathy when confronted with it. Others love it, associating its intensity with the essence of the Cape wilderness. Buchu is an ancient part of human heritage, being an important member of the group of plants that were used by the San as sacred aromatics, rubbing them onto the skin both for practical and ritualistic use. Buchu leaves are quite reminiscent of the skin itself; covered on the underside with small glands or pores, from which the scented oil is secreted. We can absorb these oils through pores on the surface of our own skin. When buchu is consumed, varied terpenes and other compounds in the plant interact with the visceral and cellular membranes, influencing their permeability and effecting all manner of change to the body’s reality – reducing inflammation, clearing up gout, curing infections and causing the body to pass water. On the skin, buchu oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. If using internally, be careful – buchu is a potent diuretic and long term irritant to the gall bladder. Do not use when pregnant. We use buchu in: Anti-inflammatory balm, Restoration Massage oil, Rooibos and Buchu Moisture balm, Balancing moisturiser, Rooibos and buchu deodorant balm, Rooibos, taaibos and buchu herbal salt, Rooibos and buchu coconut and clay soap,Buchu tincture, Rooibos, cedar and buchu brandy