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Stinkkruid (Oncosiphon grandiflorum)

In late summer, the fields of the Agter-Pakhuis, particularly where there is disturbed land, are golden yellow, awash with endless swathes of small yellow buttons. This is the time of Stinkkruid. The plant starts to flourish in early winter, with abundant growth of blueish green leaves. This is a good time for picking the Stinkkruid, for use in combating infections of all kinds. Its active compounds have been proved to be antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anticancer, and protective for the nerves and the heart. Make a leaf infusion and drink as a tea, or try creating a tincture. Once the plant starts to flower – and particularly when the yellow buttons have matured to deep gold – you want to be more careful. It is then that the plant becomes aggressive, an irritant for the nasal and stomach mucusa which also competes to detriment of less robust species in its space – eventually taking over so that all else dies. We use Stinkkruid in: Anti-Acne Topical Tincture