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Rooibos (Aspalathus Linearis)

Rooibos is one of South Africa’s best-researched plants, having been the subject of many academic studies across the world. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, with free radical scavengers that help reduce inflammation and related diseases, as well as spasms and colic. It does so by forming a bond that neutralises destructive free radicals. Rooibos has also been found to be a good support for the health of the circulatory system, helping to strengthen the blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and lower heart disease risk. Inside and out, rooibos combats stress and helps prevent degeneration. It supports the connective tissue in the body, both at a superficial and organ level, and thus slows down ageing. It is really easy to as a tea or on the skin (as a poultice, in the form of wet tea bags, or in an ointment), to treat rashes, burns, insect bites, aching teeth and bleeding gums. It also makes a wonderful base for any moisturiser, gradually helping to clear the skin, slow down ageing and even provide a measure of UV protection. We use rooibos in many of our products, including: Rooibos wound healing balm, Rooibos anti-inflammatory balm, Rooibos and buchu moisture balm, Rooibos and lemongrass bug bite balm, Sports balm, Soothing Moisturiser, Balancing moisturiser, Energising moisturiser, Uplifting moisturiser, Calming moisturiser, Sun protection cream, Rooibos, lemongrass and lavender farmhouse soap, Rooibos and lemongrass coconut and clay soap, Rooibos and buchu coconut and clay soap, Rooibos chai spice soap, Rooibos and rose geranium coconut and clay soap, Rooibos and lemongrass herbal salt, Rooibos and wild olive herbal salt, Rooibos and lemongrass bath salt, Rooibos and rose geranium bath salt, Rooibos tincture