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Cape Snowbush (Eriocephalus africanus)

The energy and smell of Cederberg fynbos: an unmistakeable composite of various aromatic plants, but certainly one of the most important of these is Cape Snowbush. This sprawling shrub with its slightly fleshy, silvery needles can be found wherever you go. Crush the leaves and you will discover a characteristic camphor smell. It is a delicious herb in cooking – use as you would Rosemary or Thyme. Cape snowbush was traditionally used to treat stomach ache, water retention and for heart and chest complaints. The essential oil is uplifting and calming. It is a decongestant, is anti-spasmodic and helps to to expel gas and induce sweat. The oil, or a leaf infusion makes a great anti-inflammatory rub and is also good for hair (making it grow and restoring shine). Cape Snowbush is loaded with terpenes and camphor-like compounds that can interact with the intelligence of the cellular membrane, gently redefinifing the boundaries in order to cleanse the body, drive out pathogens, heal physical pain and uplift the mood. And in the Agter Pakhuis, these compounds fill the very air we breathe. We use Cape Snowbush in: Anti-inflammatory balm, Herbal salt