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African blue sage (Salvia africana)

Salvia Africana, the African Blue Sage, belongs to a family of some 1000 species, which have been used, since ancient times, from China to Rome, to heal just about every ailment. The Blue Sage is an indigenous species which grows in the Cederberg wilderness. Salvia talks is profoundly wise ways that integrating body and mind, being full of compounds that modulate information at the boundary of the cell whilst also being filled with very subtly psychoactive chemicals which can bring the mind closer to an experience of genuine truth. Blue Sage can be ingested as a food, a herb, a tea, on the skin, or through the air, with a multitude of uses in cooking, healing and meditation. All the salvias have potent medicinal properties, but Salvia Africana is specifically antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial and anti-tuberculosis. It has been found to inhibit cancer cells. It is also potentially anti-allergenic, and beneficial for the heart. It has also been found to work synergistically with Wild Dagga, for anti-viral effect. We use Salvia Africana in: Wild dagga and Sage Tincture