Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary

every plant has a tale to tell.

If we learn to listen, we find echoes of these stories in the ways that each plant heals, and in other characteristics, such as its physical appearance or even its phytochemistry. If we learn to listen correctly, we can learn and heal on a whole new level. 

The Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary is an ongoing journey of discovery amongst the healing plants of the Agter Pakhuis Valley in the Cederberg, near Clanwilliam. Our range of toxin free ointments, lotions, hydrosols, bath salts, herbal salts and tinctures is blended and infused with plants from the area and a few from our gardens. We use very simple, time-honoured methods in what we do, and never use isolated extracts, preferring to defer to the innate wisdom of the whole plant. 

 We make use of infusions of fresh plant material into natural oils, as well as essential oil distillations. We also make our own essential oils and use the hydrosols, or herbal waters, that are produced in the process as spritzers and as the water component of our soaps and lotions. Last but not least, we use actual fresh or dried plant material in bath and culinary salts. All plant material used could be described as organic, either grown in our chemical-free gardens, or wild harvested where this can be done sustainably.

Our range is founded on a strict no-toxin ethos, and we choose our base elements for their innate healing properties. We use non-irradiated beeswax, various healing plant oils and locally sourced sea salt in our range. We do not use preservatives, parabens or sulphates. This does mean that the products need to be treated with a little care (not left in a hot car, for example), but used correctly, they will last and serve you very well indeed.