In Search of the Stories

In search of the stories:

Those that know me know that for the past few years I’ve been seeking: seeking to understand the secret living truths that are held by the plants growing wild within the Cederberg landscape. So many people that come to this wild and ancient place have experienced the way in which this land is alive; still capable of bringing us back to the truth of who we are. In this place, there are many secret keepers – the rocks, the water, the paintings, the animals – but to me, the greatest secret keepers of them all are the plants. I believe that every plant harbours its own secret story; a story that is even greater than the infinitesimal intelligence of its component parts. For every plant, its growth habits, appearance, history, traditional uses and phytochemistry are layers of story; a multidimensional tale that reaches back in time to bygone peoples and eras way before them. I believe these stories are fundamental truths and that they not only hold keys and clues to our history, but also to our healing and future survival.

So far, I have published two: