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Rooibos & Lavender Botanical Tonic

Rooibos & Lavender Botanical Tonic

Botanical tonic sizes:

Hydrosols or botanical tonics are produced by steam distilling medicinal plant material through an alembic potstill. The hydrosol is what remains after the essential oil has been tapped off.

The hydrosols can be consumed for the health benefits of the plants, , and some can be used as unique additions to cocktails, kombucha, or iced tea. In cooking and cocktails, use only a small amount as the taste is intense.

Substitute for some of the water content in your sweet baking (e.g. cupcakes or icing), or even with red meat dishes. Rooibos is known for its potent anti-oxidant benefits, whilst lavender is effective for relieving stress and inflammation.


NOURISH: Functional fynbos-infused foods

In this time of superbugs and inflammatory conditions, it is more important than ever before that we start to look to Nature to help rebalance systemically and strengthen our reserves. Within the fynbos kingdom, there are so  many plants that are used for medicinal purposes but are also healing and nourishing foods, with extraordinary phytochemical benefits.

Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary's range of functional foods currently includes smoothie powders and herbal salts. The smoothie powders, in particular, are a way to add a dense dose of supernutrition in an easy, tasty way. They are created from dried, powdered fynbos species and organic herbs from our gardens.

The FynbosMengsels range is created by various micro enterprises started by holders of traditional fynbos knowledge in the Cederberg. Some items are made individually, but we also meet collectively to make chutneys, relishes, vinegars, jams, marmelade, cordials and salad dressings, using local produce in season, "seasoned" with seasonal fynbos!