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Anti-bacterial balm

Anti-bacterial balm

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Artemisia afra (wildeals) is a highly respected anti-bacterial and anti-viral plant. This simple infusion of wildeals into raw beeswax, grapeseed and castor oil is for use on open sores, spider and tick bites. It can be applied inside the nostrils for a blocked nose or on cottonwool and into the ears for ear infections.


REPAIR: Balms, oils, tinctures

There is profound wisdom to the way plants heal. Sometimes it is slower than we are used to with medications that mask and manage symptoms.

There are compounds in nature (often copied by modern medicine) that reduce inflammation, manage pain, fight infections and pathogens, calm the nerves and clear up wastes. Fascinated by all these capabilities and the complex intelligence behind them, we have created a range of balms, oils and tinctures for all manner of physical complaints. We use quality natural oils, raw beeswax and alcoholic distillations we make ourselves.

Please note that we are not registered with the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and do not claim to diagnose or treat any particular disease or condition.