Soaps and cleansing lotions are particularly prone, in this day and age, to being loaded with chemical nasties like parabens and sodium laureth sulphate. They are also prone to bamboozling complexity, requiring you to spend vast amount of money to gently and safely get your face clean. But thanks to the revival of natural soapmaking, many people are discovering that it needn’t be so. 

Natural soaps, made with saponified natural oils, make gentle but effective cleansing bars, which leave no residues in the environment or on your skin. All of our soaps can be used on babies or people with sensitive skin. 

We offer three different kinds of soap, namely:

  • Traditional farmhouse soap: A combination of beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and occasionally other oils selected for specified properties, e.g palm oil (sustainable source), castor oil and hempseed oil. These are infused with specific medicinal plants – the way we make our ointments – and then saponified with our herbal hydrosols, in the traditional way, using sodium hydroxide. (This chemical is absent from the final product, particularly after being left to cure for six weeks. All of our traditional soaps are gentle and safe for face and body, yet robust enough to use on hair or even lathered up for washing dishes. 
  • Coconut and clay soap: We utilise the only 100% natural, paraben-free readymade soap base, made from saponified coconut oil and clay. This is broken down and infused with medicinal plants from the area, and scented with essential oils before moulding. These soaps are just as gentle for face and body, and have a beautiful creamy texture. However, they are NOT robust enough to use for shampoo or washing dishes. 
  • Natural glycerine soap: Our glycerine soap is different. It is made with vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, ethanol and water, nothing else. To this base, we infuse plants from the area, as well as essential oils, again largely distilled by us. These bars are lovely for face and body, and are as gentle as can be.

Our soap bars are quite large (about 120g). When purchased directly from us, ours retails for R40. 

We love to invent new soaps all the time and we don’t mass produce, so the best thing to do is to enquire what we have. If you want something specific, be sure to order well in advance so that we can make it for you. These are the soaps that we currently have:

Traditional farmhouse soaps:

  • Wild dagga, lavender and wild mint: Wildedagga (wild dagga) – Leonotis Leonoris, Lavandula Stoechas,and Mentha Capensis
  • Taaibos and pomegranate: Taaibos – Searsia Undulata and Granaat (pomegranate) – Punicum Granatum

Coconut and clay soap:

  • Rooibos and rose geranium
  • Rooibos and buchu
  • Rooibos and lemongrass
  • Rooibos and agtdaegeneesbos



We are currently producing two ranges of specially blended soap for Carmien Tea. Carmien is a rooibos producer that specialises in innovative and healthful tea blends, packaged beautifully. The perfect partner for our soaps! We are presently producing a natural glycerine soap, based on their Vintage Romance tea, and a coconut/clay soap, using their Spicy Chai tea. Lovely! Go to Carmien website to find out more.