Structured private retreats

We have regular scheduled retreats, but also offer the option to create your own private retreat with custom dates, a program that is personalised to your needs, and your group – from one person to an absolute maximum of nine people. Retreats can be customised and even themed according to your needs, but what follows is an indication of what a retreat typically includes – and the associated costs.

  • Accommodation our our beautiful close-to-nature glamping space – see here for pictures
  • All your meals – simple and nourishing, made with wild foods and local produce.
  • A natural personal care set per delegate – deodorant balm, UV-protective facecream, soap/shampoo bar and natural toothpaste, all made by storytellers apothecary
  • A daily practice of physical movement, tailored for your fitness level
  • Daily guided walks in the wild space
  • Guided meditation with plants
  • One healing session from the modalities offered by Tracy (see here for information), with the option to book more
  • Daily discussion, facilitated by JP or Tracy (depending on topic)
  • Your choice of one of the optional workshop options
  • Allocated time for journalling and self work
  • Space and time to find and enjoy yourself in the beautiful surroundings

Optional extras include:

  • Additional time accessing the healing modalities offered by Tracy
  • Apothecary workshops
  • Breadmaking worshop
  • Tracking wilderness storytelling
  • Wellness autonomy workshop
  • Mindful sketching workshop

If all this sounds a bit too structured (or you'd rather self-cater), have a look at our self retreat option.

Rates and options

  • One person only (whole space)

    These rates cover a private, structured retreat for one person, staying alone, doing the workshops and healing modalities alone. Rates are all inclusive.

    Three nights: R6 400
    Four nights: R8 200
    Seven nights: R12 000
    Nine nights: R15 000

  • 2-3 people (one or both spaces)

    This rate, quoted per person, is for a group of 2-3 people, for a private, structured retreat, all inclusive.

    Three nights: R4000 per person
    Four nights: R5000 per person
    Seven nights: R7000 per person
    Nine nights: R8500 per person

  • 4-9 people (occupying whole space)

    This rate is quoted for 4-9 people, for a private, structured retreat. Rates are per person, all inclusive.

    Three nights: R3000 per person
    Four nights: R4000 per person
    Seven nights: R5500 per person
    Nine nights: R7000 per person