As urban escapees, we have, for the past ten years, been on our own journey from complexity to simplicity.

On the way, we have learned much about the pitfalls involved in bridging between one way of life and another; about exiting the system only to get trapped inside another. There are circles within circles and inherent social conditioning makes it hard to even envisage another way.

In recent times, as humanity becomes more aware of our shrinking and dying natural world, we have started to see the need to rewild spaces, to reinstate what is balanced, spontaneous and indigenous. But what about rewilding ourselves? Unpicking the conditioned tameness that keeps us glued to the phone, stuck to the grind, following fashion and unaware of our purpose?

Stepping out isn't easy, but it is possible. Our intention, as the Storytellers, is to facilitate the journey to your deepest natural state – the wild-in-us. The part that is true under all the glamour and rules. The part that is simple. To this end, we offer retreats, workshops and facilitated healing work, and also the opportunity to engage with the products of our own journey to simplicity – our work with plants, natural home and bodycare, organic gardening, crafts and storytelling. We are also engaged in the work of remembering the old ways with descendents of the Cederberg's original people. Members of these communities are involved as facilitators for some of the workshops and teachings, as well as in some of the foodmaking.

It all takes place in a beautiful wilderness setting in Rocklands, northern Cederberg, South Africa. We invite you to join us.