Since 2014, we have been making personal care and health maintence products, using organically cultivated medicinal plants and 100% natural ingredients. Our intent has always been two-fold:

  • To explore, experiment with, and find applications for the profound healing properties of plants – and to make these available for people in practical formats; and
  • To create alternatives (for ourselves as well as our customers) to the the toxic, complicated and expensive lotions and potions that are available in conventional face, body, home care and food.

Our ethos is:

  • 100% use of natural, biodegradeable materials, ethically sourced or grown
  • Sustainable and respectful use of plants, whether harvesting or growing
  • Deferring to the wisdom of the plants (listening) and always keeping it whole (as Nature intended)
  • Constant innovation to keep minimising packaging as far as possible
  • Small batches, everything fresh and mindfully made, by ourselves
  • Keeping our pricing honest and fair
  • Paying it forward by helping to facilitate related businesses amongst traditional holders of plant knowledge in our area, and helping to ensure that plant knowledge is passed on to their children and descendants.

Our range includes balms (the heart of what we do), healing oils, hydrosols, soaps, shampoo bars, perfume, tinctures, facecreams, bath salts, herbal salts, vinegars and smoothie powders. We also make our own all-purpose household and laundry cleaning gel but that we don't sell – we can, however, teach you how to make it. Because everything is made fresh, in small batches, it sells out quickly. When you order from us, it may be on the shelf, but you may need to wait while we make it. Such is the price of our ethos – but fresh, clean, products are worth the wait!


A range of balms, oils and tinctures, using natural
oils, raw beeswax and alcoholic distillations we make ourselves.


A range of bath salts, creams, natural deodorants,
soaps, perfume and facial spritzers using quality
natural oils, sea salt and beeswax.


Our range of functional foods currently
includes smoothie powders, teas and herbal salts.