Life is ever more complicated. For many people, it feels impossible to break free from the noise long enough to connect with the voice of their soul. Their inner knowing. And so they keep wandering and searching, possibly prosperous (or not), yearning and without a sense of purpose.

The purpose of the natural state retreats is to facilitate your journey back to simplicity; to your deepest natural state; to your root. A journey to the wild-in-us.

We have regular scheduled retreats, but also offer the option to create your own private retreat with custom dates, a program that is personalised to your needs, and your group of one to ten people. We are also open for self retreats, in which you would come to use the space for meditation, contemplation and healing, without the structured program but with support in the form of coaching, and various healing modalities and workshops as needed.

Our accommodation is simple, quirky, comfortable and close-to-nature (glamping style between the rocks of the Cederberg, in furnished safari tents with private bathrooms and kitchens).

The food (if following a structured retreat) is a vibrant and nourishing mix of wild foods and produce grown or sourced locally. Our programmes combine physical movement, wilderness interactions, facilitated discussions and options to engage in skills workshops and with specific healing modalities. There is also free time to enjoy the space, the stars and the magic of the wild.

We offer structured short retreats (3 and 4 nights) which are quite intense in their content, and longer retreats (7 and 9 nights) which are more relaxed in their pace.

Why should you consider a natural state retreat?

  • You are are suffering chronic or acute physical or mental illlness or imbalance;
  • You are suffering from addictions, habits or dependencies, especially tech addictions;
  • You are suffering burnout or feeling disconnected;
  • You are at a crossroads in your life or career and searching for purpose or meaning;
  • You're feeling restless or disillusioned with the treadmill;
  • You are seeking some change in your life, or at least some inspiration;
  • You need space and time to rest, recharge and nurture yourself; or
  • You feel the need to rediscover yourself in Nature.