In this time of superbugs and inflammatory conditions, it is more important than ever before that we start to look to nature to help rebalance systemically and strengthen our reserves.

Storytellers Apothecary's range of functional foods currently includes smoothie powders, teas and herbal salts. The smoothie powders are a way to add a dense dose of nutrition in an easy, tasty way. They are created from dried, powdered fynbos species and organic herbs from our gardens.

Herbal salts

Pure desert earth salt. We blend this high mineral salt with fynbos and other herbs from our gardens to make delicious flavour combinations. Stock changes seasonally.

  • Rooibos, taaibos and buchu salt

    A deliciously earthy combination that is great with vegetables, meat or even on popcorn.

  • Wild olive and rooibos salt

    Earth yet umami in taste. A genuinely satisfying alternative and healthy seasoning.

  • Lemongrass salt

    Amazing for all kinds of Eastern dishes.

Smoothie powders

Our smoothie-mixes are a nutrient-dense, easy-to-use way to introduce healing herbal goodness into your modern diet. Freshly-picked fynbos, plus organically grown herbs from our gardens are allowed to dry naturally, after which the leaves and flowers are ground into powder. Each combination is selected both for the unusual yet harmonious fusion of tastes as well as the functional nutrition it provides. Add a teaspoon to your daily smoothie, or onto your morning porridge, and feel the benefits!

  • Taaibos and lavender

    For strength and serenity: Taaibos has long been known as a tonic for heart and health. It is used to strengthen the body in times of illness and is beneficial for the stomach as well as the heart. It is also calming. Lavender is intensely stress relieving and calming, whilst also combating pathogens and inflammation.

  • Taaibos and sand olive

    For immune support: Taaibos is a helpful tonic for strengthening the body in times of illness. Sand olive is a traditional remedy for colds and flu, and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties.

FynbosMengsels Teas

The fynbos is a treasure trove of plants that make great teas – both from a health and a taste perspective. All of teas are made by traditional knowledge holders from the area, as their own businesses.

  • Wild green tea: Unfermented green rooibos, packaged loose. Strong and wild, a really anti-oxidant superboost.
  • Rooibos and sand-olive: a handchopped mix of wild green rooibos and sand olive (Dodonaea angustifolia). Green for immune boosting and for colds.



    Balms are sold in 25ml, 50ml and 100ml tins.

    25ml 50ml 100ml
    R50 R90 R160

    Oils are sold in 100ml glass bottles - R130 each

    Tinctures are sold in 100ml glass bottles - R150 each


    Moisturisers are sold in 50ml and 100ml glass jars.

    50ml 100ml
    R150 R250

    Deodorant balms are sold in 25ml and 50ml tins.

    25ml 50ml
    R50 R90

    Bath salts are sold in 400g medium pouches - R75.

    Soaps are sold unpackaged, as 120g bars - R50.

    Perfumes are sold in 10ml glass bottles - R90.


    Teas, herbal salts and smoothie powders are all sold in medium size standing pouches (weight differs due to weight of content):

    Teas: R65 (approximately 80g)
    Smoothie powders: R90 (approximately 75g)
    Herbal salts: R60 (approximately 200g)