Welcome to our magical wilderness.

The wild is a place where we can remember who we really are. Where we can build resilience of self in our changing world.

As custodians of wilderness space in the Cederberg, South Africa, our intent is to share these gifts of reconnection with others. One way that we do so is through the two simple, close to nature spaces that we make available to guests seeking time for reconnection to self, to the earth, and to their own story. We also offer healing work.

Last but not least, we tell stories. Our first book, “As above, so below – the wisdom of Cederberg plants” is an archetypal journey of local plant wisdom. A second is on the way. Other offerings of storytelling will be making their way to the world in 2024.

Secluded stays in nature

Simple, private, authentic

Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary

Artisanal, natural bodycare

Holistic Healing

Kinesiology, divination, plants

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