Kinesiology: Biofeedback-based therapy, or muscle monitoring, forms the basis of various modalities, all of which use the body’s proprioreceptive response in order to monitor for imbalances that may be (amongst other things) structural, electrical, nutritional or emotional in nature. These are then rebalanced using a variety of techniques ranging from physical manipulation, massage, work with the fascia to acupressure and meridian work, reflex points, electromagnetic balance, techniques from neurolinguistic programming, reflexology, nutritional interventions, plant medicine and more.

Tracy du Plessis is has been working as a kinesiologist since 2009, and is qualified in a number of biofeedback modalities, including Touch for Health, Specialised Kinesiology (Neurotraining), Neuro-organisational Technique and the Stress Indicator Points System. She incorporates all these modalities into her work, depending on the needs of the client, and also incorporates massage where needed. This type of therapy is extremely gentle and non-invasive, yet highly effective for an incredibly broad variety of issues, ranging from chronic pain, severe illness, serious injuries and alignment issues, allergies, learning disorders and poor immune response all the way to emotional trauma, addiction or simply personal goal setting. Tracy sees clients of all ages and from many walks of life.

Traditional African stick divination: Our is a time of great disconnection from the natural world, and all of what is unseen. This context of separation has made it possible to keep on consuming our planet. In all cultures but our modern one, people have sought to gain insight on human affairs from a perspective outside our own (the other world). As so-called “modern Westerners”, some of us may tend to shy away from these ideas, either believing them to be contradictory to our religious beliefs, or to be unscientific superstition. But, in truth, divination brings us ways to find humility and gratitude, to align ourselves with the frequencies around us, to experience reverence for the natural world and the Creator, and to clear up personal and intergenerational trauma.

A few years ago, Tracy was given the opportunity to start studying the philosophy and medicine ways of the Dagara people, an ancient West African society who have lived sustainably for tens of thousands of years.
She was initiated as a stick diviner, on South African soil, in 2020. Stick divination has been described as truth medicine – a technology for working with the ancestral and natural forces that are demanding our attention. A session may take anything from 45 to 90 minutes, and will typically conclude by sending you away with “homework” – a few rituals that are specifically intended to bring the story that has emerged into conscious action in your life.

Plant medicine: Plants are keepers of ancient wisdom and stories. The more we learn about a plant, whether studying its phytochemistry, the environment it prefers, its growth habits, its stories and traditions, proven uses (medicinal or otherwise), its appearance and colour, its taste and the experience of ingesting it, the more we start to understand its teachings. And yet, if we try to grasp or define, the truth slips out of reach. Healing with plants is a journey. Our journey started in 2011, when we moved to the Cederberg and began to study the powerful medicinal plants growing around our home. (It was then, also, that we started learning about growing food). Tracy has been writing about the plants since 2016, with work informed by personal experimentation, by what she is learning through her interactions with traditional knowledge holders, and through the study of published literature – from books on plants (as well as the history of people’s interrelationships with plants) to academic papers, to profiles on specific types of molecules. She has recently published her first book, which is available for purchase. Since 2014, we have been making healing creams, hydrosols and ointments with plants (along with other natural personal care items) and in 2020, branched out into tinctures, using our own botanical distillations. In 2021, moved into perfumes and fragrance, with emphasis on their influence on mind, memory and mood.

We have come to realise that plants are teachers and storytellers. Sometimes, their healing effects are biological/phytochemical, but even then, two people with the same condition but a different causal story may respond better to different plants. Beyond this, is homeopathy, where we work purely by mirroring a frequency, or even simpler, the power of looking at flowers or sitting amongst the trees. In traditional knowledge systems, there are many secret uses for the plants.

Tracy works with people to facilitate their healing journey with plants in a number of ways:
Assessing plant nutrition needs through kinesiology
Topical application of plants, through balms, creams and hydrosols
Using plant tinctures – we have our own range, distilled from scratch
We do not offer any form of questing through the ingestion of mind-altering plants.

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