Tortoise Terrace

Quiet and cosy, under the cliffs

Sleeps four
Tortoise Terrace is the spot if you want to feel like you are right in the wilderness area. Tucked away, right under the cliffs, you have rocks, trees and caves all around you. Add this to the fact that you are sleeping inside canvas walls with no wifi to disturb you, and you have the perfect spot for dreaming and connection to your wild self.

Tortoise Terrace features a cosy, roofed off patio, build from local rock, as well as a firepit for long nights of storytelling. The kitchen and bathroom are situated in a tiny wooden cabin, whilst the sleeping space is a furnished safari tent. The main bedroom has a double bed, with two bunks in the next room.

Towels, linen and gas for cooking are supplied. There is a full size electric fridge, but the cooker is gas. Hot water is also supplied by gas. There is a charge point for electrical devices.

RATES FOR 2024: R1050 per night, with weekly and monthly discounts applicable to direct bookings only.

Tortoise Terrace from side

Deck seen from side

Overview of the space

Patio seen from tent

Bathroom area


Second bedroom with bunks

Patio garden

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