Pepperbark herbal tincture




This tree is definitely not indigenous to the hot, dry Cederberg, but it is a very important national indigenous treasure, and we have seven growing in our garden for their essential medicinal value. The tree is endangered in the wild due to over-harvesting for medicine. The bark was traditionally used, but the strong, peppery leaves are just as potent, and we use them. It is an anti-parasitic and helpful for treating candida. Traditionally, it was used as an anti-malarial.
Large intestine meridian, root and solar plexus chakra. For purging parasitic energies.


Tinctures are a great way to work with the healing properties of plants through ingestion, as alcohol is an essential solvent and preservative of all the plant compounds. They offer a potent, highly concentrated way of working with herbs – a very little goes a long, long way. “Buchu brandy” is of course the most famous of all fynbos tinctures, but there are so many other beneficial plants!

Our tinctures are rather special, in that they are made from scratch. The grapes came from our own land, and were handpressed (by ourselves) and fermented into both red and white wine. These were then distilled, through the same extended column potstill that we used for our essential oils, so as to introduce various fynbos botanicals into the alcohol distillation (essentially, a gin process). Into this high quality, high energy botanical alcohol, we then infuse further botanicals for a number of months. The result? Clean, highly potent botanical tinctures that are produced with highest intent from the very beginning of their production process.


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